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Web page clustering is a fundamental technique to offer a solution for data management, information locating and its interpretation of Web data and to facilitate users for navigation, discrimination and understanding. Most existing clustering algorithms can't adapt well to Web page clustering directly in terms of efficiency and effectiveness due to the(More)
MOTIVATION Structural genomics initiatives are increasingly leading to the determination of the 3D structure of target proteins whose catalytic function is not known. The aim of this work was that of developing a novel versatile tool for searching structural similarity, which allows to predict the catalytic function, if any, of these proteins. RESULTS The(More)
MOTIVATION In recent years, structural genomics and ab initio molecular modeling activities are leading to the availability of a large number of structural models of proteins whose biochemical function is not known. The aim of this study was the development of a novel software tool that, given a protein's structural model, predicts the presence and identity(More)
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