Le Van Hai

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OBJECTIVE To explore new resource from inactive actinomycete strains, we screened resistant mutant strains by ribosome engineering, and analyzed the products derived from the selected mutant strains. METHODS Three Gorges reservoir area-derived actinomycete strains including BD20, FJ3, WZ20 and FJ5 were used as initial strains, which showed(More)
We report a signal-on, label-free and reagentless electrochemical DNA biosensor, based on a mixed self-assembled monolayer of thiolated hydroxynaphthoquinone and thiolated oligonucleotide. Electrochemical changes resulting from hybridization were evidenced with oligonucleotide targets (as models), as well as with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products(More)
Three begomovirus isolates were detected from tomato and papaya plants showing leaf curling symptoms in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam. The complete genomes of three isolates, which were assigned as tomato-89, tomato-100 and papaya-31, were amplified, cloned, sequenced and deposited in the GenBank. Molecular characterization of the tomato-89 and(More)
Bactrian camels may have a unique gastrointestinal (GI) microbiome because of their distinctive digestive systems, unique eating habits and extreme living conditions. However, understanding of the microbial communities in the Bactrian camel GI tract is still limited. In this study, microbial communities were investigated by comparative analyses of 16S rRNA(More)
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