Le Thi Hoai An

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This paper is devoted to difference of convex functions (d.c.) optimization: d.c. duality, local and global optimality conditions in d.c. programming, the d.c. algorithm (DCA), and its application to solving the trust-region problem. The DCA is an iterative method that is quite different from well-known related algorithms. Thanks to the particular structure(More)
Combining DCA (DC Algorithms) and interior point techniques for large-scale nonconvex quadratic programming T. Pham Dinh a , H. A. Le Thi b & F. Akoa a a Laboratory of Modelling , Optimization and Operations Research (LMI) National Institute for Applied Sciences , Rouen, Cedex, France b Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Computer Science (LITA) UFR MIM ,(More)