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Gel-based proteomics is a powerful approach to study the physiology of Staphylococcus aureus under various growth restricting conditions. We analyzed 679 protein spots from a reference 2-dimensional gel of cytosolic proteins of S. aureus COL by mass spectrometry resulting in 521 different proteins. 4,692 time dependent protein synthesis profiles were(More)
– High speed 10Gb/s and 40 Gb/s optical Ethernet and SONET or SDH transmission systems carrying multi-wavelength channels are considered as the backbone of the next generation optical metro-networking technological development. Under this ultra-high speed transmission and networking, dispersion effects due to linear chromatic and polarization differential(More)
The transmittance transfer function of single mode optical fibers operating in both linear and nonlinear regions is presented. For the linear domain, Fresnel sine and cosine integrals are obtained via the Fourier transform. In the nonlinear region dominated by self-phase-modulation effects, the Volterra series is essential to obtain the nonlinear transfer(More)
What is believed to be a new approach for the design and analysis of a reconfigurable optical square pulse generator using the concept of temporal optical integration and the digital signal processing method is presented. The reconfigurable square pulse generator is synthesized using compact active semiconductor-based waveguide technology, and it consists(More)
An experimental study of a bow-tie-shaped double-coupler fiber ring resonator is presented. Multiple resonances of the transmitted output intensity and the splitting of the main resonance dip or peak have been observed. The experimental results are discussed and compared with theoretical results. The observed output property suggests the possible(More)
Recent advanced techniques and associate technologies of transmission, wavelength multiplexing and channel routing for Tera-b/s photonic transport networks and their impacts on optical networking are discussed including (i) optical modulation formats and associate coding for optimising dispersion tolerance in linear and nonlinear operating regimes (ii)(More)
Optical resonators with a double-coupler and double-ring configuration incorporated into optical amplifiers that have negative gain are analyzed. The resonators are presented with a unique signal-flow graph together with z-transform variables for sampled optical signals. Their optical transfer functions are obtained by a graphical technique. The poles and(More)
Digital signal processing techniques are used for synthesizing tunable optical filters with variable bandwidth and centered reference frequency including the tunability of the low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, and bandstop optical filters. Potential applications of such filters are discussed, and the design techniques and properties of recursive digital(More)