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A new kind of electroactive polymers was synthesized by using aniline pentamer (AP) cross-linking chitosan (CS) in acetic acid/DMSO/DMF solution. UV-vis and CV confirmed the electroactivity of polymers in acidic aqueous solution. The amphiphilic polymers self-assembled into 200-300 nm micelles by dialysis against deionized water from the acetic acid buffer(More)
To obtain one biodegradable and electroactive polymer as the scaffold for tissue engineering, the multiblock copolymer PLAAP was designed and synthesized with the condensation polymerization of hydroxyl-capped poly( l-lactide) (PLA) and carboxyl-capped aniline pentamer (AP). The PLAAP copolymer exhibited excellent electroactivity, solubility, and(More)
A triblock copolymer PLA-b-AP-b-PLA (PAP) of polylactide (PLA) and aniline pentamer (AP) with the unique properties of being both electroactive and biodegradable is synthesized by coupling an electroactive carboxyl-capped AP with two biodegradable bi-hydroxyl-capped PLAs via a condensation reaction. Three different molecule weight PAP copolymers are(More)
In the background of cloud service is widely used, performance of the network has become more and more important, therefore the ability to guarantee the QoS of cloud networks is an important and essential part. To meet the demand for the QoS of cloud service network, we need an effective scheduling model to reach the user's requirements, and a tool to(More)
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