Le Hung Lan

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This paper presents a genetic algorithms approach for the optimization of a fed-batch penicillin fermentation process. A customized float-encoding genetic algorithm is developed and implemented to a benchmark fed-batch penicillin fermentation process. Off-line optimization of the initial conditions and set points are carried out in two stages for a single(More)
The swarm behaviors of multi agent is a popular topic and has significant interest and application in industrial engineering, such as multi-robot team and autonomous air vehicle. Many studies have been done on modeling and describing swarm aggregation as well as analyzing its stability properties. This study provides a novel contribution by using Fuzzy(More)
The paper deals with the problem of determining stability margin of linear continuous-time system with fuzzy parametric uncertainty. Non-symmetric multivariate membership functions with l<sup>p</sup>-constraints describing the uncertainty of characteristic polynomial parameters are considered. An elegant solution, graphical in nature, based on generation of(More)
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