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Graph has emerged as a powerful data structure to describe various data. Query evaluation on distributed graphs takes much cost due to the complexity of links among sites. Dan Suciu has proposed algorithms for query evaluation on semistructured data that is a rooted, edge-labeled graph, and algorithms are proved to be efficient in terms of communication(More)
Graphs can be used to model many kinds of data, from traditional datasets to social networks or semi-structured datasets. To process large graphs, many systems have been proposed. The Pregel programming model is popular, thanks to its scalability. Although Pregel is simple to understand and use, it is of low-level in programming and requires developers to(More)
Graphs play an important role today in managing big data, while structural recursion is powerful to process graphs by its flexibility. Designing efficient structural recursive functions to query distributed graphs is still a big challenge because of the performance constraints imposed by the bulk semantics of structural recursion. In this paper, we propose(More)
Nowadays, there is an explosion of Internet information, which is normally distributed on different sites. Hence, efficient finding information becomes difficult. Efficient query evaluation on distributed graphs is an important research topic since it can be used in real applications such as: social network analysis, web mining, ontology matching, etc. A(More)
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  • 2015 31st IEEE International Conference on Data…
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Graph is a multi-purpose tool to represent many different kinds of data from tranditional datasets to social networks. At present, Pregel is a popular graph computation model to deal with big graphs up to billion vertices and trillion edges. However, Pregel programming model is very low-level and requires developers to write programs that are hard to(More)
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