Le Dinh Hung

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BACKGROUND Inter-rater agreement in the interpretation of chest X-ray (CXR) films is crucial for clinical and epidemiological studies of tuberculosis. We compared the readings of CXR films used for a survey of tuberculosis between raters from two Asian countries. METHODS Of the 11,624 people enrolled in a prevalence survey in Hanoi, Viet Nam, in 2003, we(More)
From a fresh sample (1 kg) of cultivated red alga Kappaphycus striatum, three isolectins, KSA-1 (15.1 mg), KSA-2 (58.0 mg) and KSA-3 (6.9 mg), were isolated by a combination of extraction with aqueous ethanol, ethanol precipitation, and ion exchange chromatography. Isolated KSAs were monomeric proteins of about 28kDa having identical 20N-terminal amino acid(More)
Three isolectins from cultivated Eucheuma denticulatum were isolated. They were commonly monomeric proteins of about 28 kDa with a range of averaged molecular weights from 27,834 to 27,868 Da among the isolectins and shared almost the same 20 N-terminal amino acid sequences. Complementary DNA (cDNA) cloning based on the rapid amplification cDNA ends (RACE)(More)
The three color morphotypes of the red alga Kappaphycus alvarezii (brown, red and green) were cultured in Camranh Bay, Vietnam, using the fixed off-bottom monoline culture method to evaluate the growth rate, carrageenan yield, 3,6-anhydrogalactose, gel strength and lectin content. The brown morphotype was cultivated over a 12-month period; the red and green(More)
Shinsaku Sakurada (ssakura@mti.biglobe.ne.jp) Nguyen TL Hang (lehang0310@gmail.com) Naoki Ishizuka (Naoki.Ishizuka@sanofi-aventis.com) Emiko Toyota (etoyota-in@tokyo-hosp.jp) Le D Hung (ledinhhung.hth@gmail.com) Pham T Chuc (phamthechuc.hth@gmail.com) Luu T Lien (luuthilien.hth@gmail.com) Pham H Thuong (phamhuuthuong.hth@gmail.com) Pham TN Bich(More)
Aqueous extracts from 42 species of Vietnamese marine macroalgae, including 17 Chlorophyta, 22 Rhodophyta, and three Phaeophyta species, were examined for hemagglutination activity using native and enzyme-treated different animal and human erythrocytes. All extracts agglutinated at least one type of erythrocytes tested. Strong activity was detected in(More)
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