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With an increasing number of executable binaries generated by optimizing compilers today, providing a clear and correct source-level debugger for programmers to debug optimized code has become a necessity. In this paper, a new framework for debugging globally optimized code is proposed. This framework consists of a new code location mapping scheme, a data(More)
Control speculation refers to the execution of instructions before it has been determined that they would be executed in the normal flow of execution. Data speculation refers to the execution of instructions with potentially incorrect operand values, and a typical example is to execute a load before its preceding aliasing stores. Both types of speculation(More)
As the design of shared-memory sharedbus multiprocessors is heading toward employing megabyte second-level caches, how to optimize the design of the second-level caches in order to minimize the traffic on the shared memory bus and thus improve system scalability is of great interest. This paper presents a comprehensive study on this issue through extensive(More)
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