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Image annotation has been an active research topic in recent years due to its potentially large impact on both image understanding and Web image search. In this paper, we target at solving the automatic image annotation problem in a novel <i>search</i> and <i>mining</i> framework. Given an uncaptioned image, first in the search stage, we perform(More)
A secure and privacy-preserving key management scheme for cloud-assisted wireless body area network in m-healthcare social networks, Information Sciences, A scalable certificateless architecture for multicast wireless mesh network using proxy re-encryption.: Certificate-based proxy decryption systems with revocability in the standard model. A comment on ' '(More)
In this paper, we propose a privacy-preserving emergency call scheme, called PEC, enabling patients in life-threatening emergencies to fast and accurately transmit emergency data to the nearby helpers via mobile healthcare social networks (MHSNs). Once an emergency happens, the personal digital assistant (PDA) of the patient runs the PEC to collect the(More)
—In this article, we introduce a novel Remote Health Monitoring (RHM) system to enable high-quality pervasive healthcare services to users with low delivery delay and reduced costs. We define the RHM architecture and summarize the design considerations. We then present a promising commercialized solution, ViiCare, with system infrastructures and supporting(More)
Recently, Uber has emerged as a leader in the "sharing economy". Uber is a "ride sharing" service that matches willing drivers with customers looking for rides. However, unlike other open marketplaces (e.g., AirBnB), Uber is a black-box: they do not provide data about supply or demand, and prices are set dynamically by an opaque "surge pricing" algorithm.(More)
In this report, we propose a statistical model to deal with the discrete-distribution data varying over time. The proposed model – HMM+DM – extends the Dirichlet mixture model to the dynamic case: Hidden Markov Model with Dirichlet mixture output. Both the inference and parameter estimation procedures are proposed. Experiments on the generated data verify(More)
The dynamic capabilities view (DCV) focuses on renewal of firms' strategic knowledge resources so as to sustain competitive advantage within turbulent markets. Within the context of the DCV, the focus of knowledge management (KM) is to develop the KMC through deploying knowledge governance mechanisms that are conducive to facilitating knowledge processes so(More)
An iterative digital image filtering algorithm based on signaling game idea is presented. Aim at shortages of the standard medium filtering algorithm, this paper provides an improving approach through appointing signaling game idea. The method is that choose filtering window, sort every pixel value in the window and find the median first and then compare(More)