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Image annotation has been an active research topic in recent years due to its potentially large impact on both image understanding and Web image search. In this paper, we target at solving the automatic image annotation problem in a novel <i>search</i> and <i>mining</i> framework. Given an uncaptioned image, first in the search stage, we perform(More)
BACKGROUND Mitochondrial fusion protein mutations are a cause of inherited neuropathies such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and dominant optic atrophy. Previously we reported that the fusion protein optic atrophy 1 (OPA1) is decreased in heart failure. METHODS AND RESULTS We investigated cardiac function, mitochondrial function, and mtDNA stability in a(More)
A secure and privacy-preserving key management scheme for cloud-assisted wireless body area network in m-healthcare social networks, Information Sciences, A scalable certificateless architecture for multicast wireless mesh network using proxy re-encryption.: Certificate-based proxy decryption systems with revocability in the standard model. A comment on ' '(More)
Macroalgae have received much attention for heavy metal removal in treatment of domestic wastewater. In this report, the uptake capacity of a common freshwater green alga, Cladophora fracta, for heavy metal ions (copper, zinc, cadmium, and mercury) was evaluated. The equilibrium adsorption capacities were 2.388 mg Cu2+, 1.623 mg Zn2+, 0.240 mg Cd2+, and(More)
In this paper, we propose a privacy-preserving emergency call scheme, called PEC, enabling patients in life-threatening emergencies to fast and accurately transmit emergency data to the nearby helpers via mobile healthcare social networks (MHSNs). Once an emergency happens, the personal digital assistant (PDA) of the patient runs the PEC to collect the(More)
Clinical decision support system, which uses advanced data mining techniques to help clinician make proper decisions, has received considerable attention recently. The advantages of clinical decision support system include not only improving diagnosis accuracy but also reducing diagnosis time. Specifically, with large amounts of clinical data generated(More)
Our shot boundary detection system mainly consists of three components: fade out/in(FOI)detector, cut(CUT)detector and gradual transition(GT)detector. The key technique of FOI detector is the recognition of monochrome frame. In CUT detector, second order derivative method is applied to get cut candidates,and then flashlight detector and other gradual(More)
—In this article, we introduce a novel Remote Health Monitoring (RHM) system to enable high-quality pervasive healthcare services to users with low delivery delay and reduced costs. We define the RHM architecture and summarize the design considerations. We then present a promising commercialized solution, ViiCare, with system infrastructures and supporting(More)