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The results presented here concern the study of in situ cancer and marked dysplasia revealed during the pathological study of 39 specimens removed during esophagogastrectomy for invasive carcinoma of the esophagus. In 12 cases, macroscopic study made it possible to define precisely the macroscopic features of in situ canccer; in one case, however, the(More)
BACKGROUND More than 500,000 hospitalized patients survive severe sepsis annually in the USA. Recent epidemiological evidence, however, demonstrated that these survivors have significant morbidity and mortality, with 3-year fatality rates higher than 70%. To investigate the mechanisms underlying persistent functional impairment in sepsis survivors, here we(More)
One hundred surgical specimens from patients with esophageal cancers were studied in detail. The characteristics of the cancers were similar to those described in the literature. Subserial sectioning of the specimens permitted determination of the type, number, and extent of noncancerous mucosal lesions and their exact location in relation to the(More)
Ethanol undergoes gastric first pass metabolism by alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH). We have shown that cimetidine and famotidine both cause competitive inhibition of human gastric ADH in vitro. However, in a randomized 4-way cross-over study in 12 healthy subjects a 7-day course of treatment with cimetidine (800 mg day-1), ranitidine (300 mg day-1) or(More)
Problem statement: Chemotherapeutic drugs have been used to treat malignancy for over 50 years, but the potential of cytotoxic agents to suppress immunity and interfere with Immunosurveillance (IS) of cancer has been largely ignored. Assuming that the immune control of the cancer had a priori already failed, the effect was not considered to have a major(More)
TSH values performed by immunoradiometric method were compared with chemiluminescent method in 28 hyperthyroid patients with negative TRH-test. This last method gives a better sensitivity (0.020 mUI/L vs. 0.050 mUI/L) and reproducibility (5% V.C. vs. 40%). The measure of undetectable TSH by immunoradiometric assay becomes possible with chemiluminescence.(More)
We present a computer-aided diagnostic system in clinical medicine. Our approach is focused on the collaboration between two methods of reasoning: diagnosis by reviewing all possible diseases and diagnosis by connrmation of a precise disease. The two methods use the same database in order to guarantee the coherence of the descriptions of the diseases. The(More)
Two cases are reported of non-parasitic cysts of the spleen of the simple epithelial type. The pathogenic mechanism of such cysts is discussed and illustrated by ultrastructural findings in one of the cases. The wall of this cyst was mesothelial in nature. This observation is in favour of the inclusion of mesothelial tissue in the spleen, a hypothesis(More)