Le An

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—The demand for robust face recognition in real-world surveillance cameras is increasing due to the needs of practical applications such as security and surveillance. Although face recognition has been studied extensively in the literature, achieving good performance in surveillance videos with unconstrained faces is inherently difficult. During the image(More)
We introduce an online approach to learn possible elementary groups (groups that contain only two targets) for inferring high level context that can be used to improve multi-target tracking in a data-association based framework. Unlike most existing association-based tracking approaches that use only low level information (e.g., time, appearance , and(More)
—The problem of person re-identification is to recognize a target subject across non-overlapping distributed cameras at different times and locations. The applications of person re-identification include security, surveillance, multi-camera tracking , etc. In a real-world scenario, person re-identification is challenging due to the dramatic changes in a(More)
—A reference-based algorithm for scene image cat-egorization is presented in this letter. In addition to using a reference-set for images representation, we also associate the reference set with training data in sparse codes during the dictionary learning process. The reference-set is combined with the reconstruction error to form a unified objective(More)
This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. Content may change prior to final publication. Abstract—Face recognition has been studied extensively; however , real-world face recognition still remains a challenging task. The demand for unconstrained practical face recognition is rising with(More)
Smile detection is a specialized task in facial expression analysis with applications such as photo selection, user experience analysis, and patient monitoring. As one of the most important and informative expressions, smile conveys the underlying emotion status such as joy, happiness, and satisfaction. In this paper, an efficient smile detection approach(More)