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This tutorial paper proposes a subclass of cellular neural networks (CNN) having no inputs (i.e., autonomous) as a universal active substrate or medium for modeling and generating many pattern formation and nonlinear wave phenomena from numerous disciplines, including biology, chemistry, ecology, engineering, physics, etc. Each CNN is defined mathematically(More)
We analyse and compare several prototypes of the HandNavigator, a peripheral device allowing a user to interact with a virtual environment by controlling a virtual hand with fine dexterity. Our prototypes, as easy to manipulate as a computer mouse, integrate a large panel of small sensors enabling the simultaneous control of a large number of degrees of(More)
The complexity of modern process plants is steadily increasing – and thus the demands placed on automation systems. Today, the validation and testing of an automation system is a demanding task, usually executed under very tight schedules. Therefore, the use of simulations to check-out the automation system earlier in the engineering phase can be very(More)
PREFACE I T MAY BE considered a healthy sign that among the over 5200 papers reviewed in this volume nearly one third (about 1600) deal with basic sciences; also that the number of papers devoted to organic neurology and allied disciplines (over 1800) somewhat exceeds the productivity in the field of psychiatry (nearly 1500 papers). The neurosurgeons(More)
Surface segmentation is a method to divide a surface into areas of homogeneous properties. Meaningful surface properties, such as the reflection characteristics or the local surface orientation, are derived from series of images by estimating the parameters of a reflection model. The images of the series show the surface illuminated from variable(More)
ABSTRACT At the dawn of the 21st century, environmental scientists are collecting more data more rapidly than at any time in the past. Nowhere is this change more evident than in the advent of sensor networks able to collect and process (in real time) simultaneous measurements over broad areas and at high sampling rates. At the same time there has been(More)
  • Roberts-Lombard, Mornay, Du Plessis, Leon, 翻译 摘要
  • 2012
This article investigates the influence of CRM on customer retention at a South African long-term insurance organisation. Primary data was gathered using a questionnaire, with items referring to CRM and customer loyalty. Data was factor-analysed. The findings of the study stipulate that CRM positively influences customer loyalty. If the long-term insurance(More)
The term extranodal natural killer (NK)/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type, was adopted by the World Health Organization to replace angiocentric lymphoma.1 These lymphoid neoplasms can appear on the head and neck,1 affecting the mucosa of the nasal cavity, but they are uncommon in the central facial region.2 They have also been described in other locations such as(More)