Lazeeb Choudhury

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The expanding deployment of renewable energy sources as well as the widespread deployment of smart meters enables and encourages demand management in homes. Like smart meters, most solar or other renewable deployments allow homeowners to carefully monitor energy supply and past energy consumption, however, using this information to drive demand management(More)
This work presents a system for collecting user activity annotations using in-home distributed energy monitoring combined with a novel algorithm that generates device-specific profiles used to identify potentially important changes in user context. In a five-week study of five homes, the system was able to generate profiles for 80% of the devices studied.(More)
Home energy management is increasingly important. Though there are a plethora of tools for aiding home energy management , few provide concrete suggestions for helping users to manage energy demand. A key component in developing automated energy management schemes is drawing a connection between energy usage and a user's context. Existing approaches either(More)
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