Lazaros Karydas

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Tracking output is a very attractive source of labeled data sets that, in turn, could be used to train other systems for tracking, detection, recognition and categorization. In this context, long tracking sequences are of particular importance because they provide richer information, multiple views, wider range of appearances. This paper addresses two(More)
In many forensic and data analytics applications there is a need to detect whether and for how long a specific person is present in a video. Frames in which the person cannot be recognized by state of the art engines are of particular importance. We describe a new framework for detection and persistence analysis in noisy and cluttered videos. It combines a(More)
The analysis of videos taken by active operators recording human interactions and activities in the field presents a new set of challenges. For brevity in this paper we will call such subject centric field grade videos ad hoc videos of events. Human test subjects readily segment ad hoc videos of events into scene-like segments. These segmentations can not(More)
We present a new approach to the collection and labeling of ground truth data for annotation of temporal events in ad-hoc videos taken by active operators recording interactions and activities in the field. We present experimental data and related research from experimental psychology which indicate that the conventional methodology based on asking(More)
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