Lazar Lepšanović

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Data are expressed in the comparable manner through the method of defined daily doses (DDD), which has been adopted for drugs in our country according to the internationally agreed method of drug utilization [Stanulović et al. 1981]. Together with Iceland, Novi Sad had the lowest insulin utilization in 1976, the rate being 1.7 DDD/1000 inhabitants per day.(More)
The study reviews current knowledge about metabolic X syndrome characterized by android obesity, arterial hypertension, insulin resistance with hyperinsulinemia and disturbed carbohydrate tolerance, a decrease of HDL cholesterol and an increase of the triglyceride rich VLDL particle level. The study describes 4 female patients having been diagnosed for this(More)
Insulin resistance and consequent hyperinsulinemia present a frequent disorder and according to some investigations it is present in a quarter of whole population. Leaving aside numerous genetic syndromes caused by pronounced insulin resistance, this paper surveys the influence of specific arrangement of fat tissue in the development of this disorder, its(More)
The paper reviews recently obtained data on the origin and role of lipid peroxides and their secondary decomposed products in the organism. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are the basic substrate of lipid peroxidation caused either by the insufficiency of the defense mechanisms or by their influx exceeding the requirements of the organism. The increased(More)
In the primary prevention of atherosclerosis and risk of lipoproteinemia, is of primordial importance. Therefore, adequate food and physical activities are necessary. If no good result is evident thereafter medicinal treatment should be prescribed. In our open random study performed in two different centres, we evaluated the efficiency and tolerance of(More)