Layne A Goble

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The concepts of agency and communion have been used to describe sex differences in vulnerability to specific stressor domains. This study examined blood pressure and heart rate responses of 60 married couples to experimental manipulations of disagreement (i.e., communion stressor) and achievement challenge (i.e., agency stressor). Consistent with(More)
BACKGROUND Managing cerebrovascular risk factors is complex and difficult. The objective of this program evaluation was to assess the effectiveness of an outpatient Multidisciplinary Stroke Clinic model for the clinical management of veterans with cerebrovascular disease or cerebrovascular risk factors. METHODS The Multidisciplinary Stroke Clinic provided(More)
O pon citat that f to p alg rom t eur inv o ance a rem uri tribu p r g d ice@ ase Review A62-year-old Caucasian man is scheduled fo right knee arthroplasty. Due to significant m culoskeletal consequences from a steroid-d endent connective tissue disorder, the patient has b eceiving chronic opioid therapy for approximately ears. Medications prior to(More)
OBJECTIVES Low educational attainment is related to numerous adverse health outcomes, and some evidence suggests that psychosocial variables may mediate education's effects. Moreover, the relationship between psychosocial functioning and health-related outcomes may be moderated by educational level, with individuals lower in formal education being more(More)
BACKGROUND This study emphasizes the importance of studying the emotional, motivational, and cognitive characteristics accompanying and the potential hemodynamic mechanisms underlying cardiovascular reactivity to and recovery from interpersonal conflict. PURPOSE The relation of dispositional hostility to cardiovascular reactivity during a frustrating(More)
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