Layla D. Martin

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It is well known that in a balanced diet, eating the right amount of calories and nutrients to maintain a healthy weight is important for one's physical wellness and health. Thus, understanding demographic and behavior patterns of food consumption is a topic that several researchers in public health have long pursued. In this paper, we study how perceived(More)
Pediatricians and pediatric anesthesiologists are frequently confronted with the dilemma of a child scheduled for elective surgery with or recently recovered from an upper respiratory tract infection. Modifications of routine anesthetic practice may decrease but not eliminate risks of associated complications. Guidelines for the evaluation and triage of(More)
Recent insights into the pathophysiology of acute lung injury have led to changes in our routine approach to mechanical ventilation in this population of patients. Heterogeneous alterations in the anatomy and function of the lung are characteristic of acute lung injury. Experimental evidence strongly suggests that traditional approaches to mechanical(More)
The mechanically ventilated PICU patient is subjected to multiple noxious stimuli ranging from a bright, noisy, and intimidating environment to painful but necessary procedures. His or her primary disease process or processes obviously constitutes another potential source of noxious stimuli as well. As a result, these patients almost certainly need some(More)
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