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Two outbreaks involving 31 persons with jaundice are described. All had originally been diagnosed as having viral hepatitis. But subsequent muestigations showed that all had been exposed to chloroform at work. Toxic jaundice from chemical exposure presents a similar clinical picture to that of viral hepatitis, but fever appears to be uncommon. Doctors who(More)
BACKGROUND Chengal is a resistant rainforest hardwood that is commonly used in South-East Asia for the construction of boats, bridges, house structures and furniture. It contains oligostilbenoids, phenolics, quinones and resins. AIMS To describe a case of occupational asthma (OA) related to chengal wood dust. METHODS The patient was evaluated clinically(More)
We describe a patient with clinical, radiological and pathological features of bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia. Investigation showed that this was likely to have been a delayed consequence of inhalation of nitric acid fumes (containing nitrogen dioxide) after a fire. This case shows that thorough investigation of the aetiology is important not(More)
Emergency transcatheter embolization is a well-recognized measure to manage patients with life-threatening haemoperitoneum due to spontaneous ruptured hepatocellular carcinoma. Traditional embolization technique is to embolize the proper hepatic artery or the segmental hepatic artery by femoral approach using gelfoam pledgets. From 1997 to 2004, in 19 out(More)
Nurses have the closest interaction with inpatients and could transmit influenza to patients. From a self-administered questionnaire survey among inpatient nurses at a tertiary hospital, we observed that the strongest factors associated with intention for future vaccination were perceived benefits of and motivations for vaccination (adjusted odds ratio(More)
AIM OF STUDY There is growing concern that amplified music in discotheques can cause hearing loss. This study attempts to evaluate the noise hazard of employees exposed to amplified music in our discotheques. METHOD Employees comprising of disc jockeys, bartenders, waiters, cashiers and security officers of five selected discotheques were used for the(More)
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