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Th e morphologic cha nges in idiopathic epilepsy ar e largely conside red to be the result of epileptic attacks, but th e lesio ns them selves may ca use seizures. Similar lesion s are also in-du ced by hypoxic cond itions.s-' In so me cases , the seiz ure activity and th e conseq uent ischemi c events may play a role in the development oflesion s occurr(More)
Cases of herniated bladder diverticulae causing inguinoscrotal hernias are rare, and there are 19 described in the English literature. We describe the case of a 64-year-old Caucasian man with a huge bladder diverticulum that herniated into his scrotum. The original diagnosis was that of inguinoscrotal hernia containing bowel contents. Radiological(More)
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