Lawrence Yau

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Federated search and distributed information retrieval systems provide a single user interface for searching multiple full-text search engines. They have been an active area of research for more than a decade, but in spite of their success as a research topic, they are still rare in operational environments. This article discusses a prototype federated(More)
We consider intent-to-treat (IT) analysis of clinical trials involving longitudinal data subject to drop-out. Common methods, such as Last Observation Carried Forward imputation or incomplete-data methods based on models that assume random dropout, have serious drawbacks in the IT setting. We propose a method that involves multiple imputation of the missing(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of triage nurse initiated radiographs using the Ottawa Ankle Rules (OAR) on emergency department (ED) throughput. We hypothesized OAR use would reduce median ED length of stay (LOS) by 25 minutes or more. METHODS A randomized controlled trial was conducted at a tertiary centre ED with an annual census of over 90,000(More)
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