Lawrence W. Wright

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Over the last 8 years, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has launched a major effort to integrate molecular and clinical cancer-related information within a unified biomedical informatics framework, with controlled terminology as its foundational layer. The NCI Thesaurus is the reference terminology underpinning these efforts. It is designed to meet the(More)
The National Cancer Institute Enterprise Vocabulary Services (NCI EVS) uses a wide range of quality assurance (QA) techniques to maintain and extend NCI Thesaurus (NCIt). NCIt is a reference terminology and biomedical ontology used in a growing number of NCI and other systems that extend from translational and basic research through clinical care to public(More)
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) was among the first federal agencies to recognize the potential of the Internet for disseminating health-related information. The evolution and refinement of NCI's online cancer information has been substantially "user driven"-from the launch of CancerNet in 1995 to the recent redesign of its award-winning successor, the(More)
Twenty-three cancer research centers in the U.S. were assessed to determine data standards, vocabularies, and information infrastructure used in support of clinical trials. Eighteen of the 23 responded. Major findings were related to: 1) clinical trials infrastructure information, 2) current systems environment, 3) technical details, and 4) vocabulary and(More)
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