Lawrence Valby

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On a static model of conversational update, there is a mapping from sentences of the relevant language fragment to propositions, and the characteristic discourse effect of successfully asserting a sentence is the addition of the corresponding proposition to the common ground of the conversation. Given the influence of the static picture on much linguistic(More)
First order formulas in a relational signature can be considered as operations on the relations of an underlying set, giving rise to multisorted algebras we call first order algebras. We present universal axioms so that an algebra satisfies the axioms iff it embeds into a first order algebra. Importantly, our argument is modular and also works for, e.g.,(More)
We consider a category called POLY whose objects are polytopes and whose arrows are affine mappings. In Chapter 1 we introduce this category and another category consisting of " cones " and linear mappings, which proves to be useful in studying POLY. In Chapter 2 we give a construction providing a tensor product for polytopes. Additionally, we present a(More)
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