Lawrence T. Bennett

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BCG, a live attenuated tubercle bacillus, is the most widely used vaccine in the world and is also a useful vaccine vehicle for delivering protective antigens of multiple pathogens. Extrachromosomal and integrative expression vectors carrying the regulatory sequences for major BCG heat-shock proteins have been developed to allow expression of foreign(More)
; The Ohio Arson registry was signed into law in December 2012. The law went into effect on July 1, 2013. The law requires anyone convicted of a crime involving the use of fire to requester with the local sheriff's office. The information will then be kept in a database administrated by the Ohio Attorney General's Office. There are numerous definitions used(More)
I hereby certify that this paper constitutes my own product, that where the language of others is set forth, quotation marks so indicate, and that appropriate credit is given where I have used the language, ideas, expressions, or writings of another. Abstract This research is intended to take a factual and proactive approach to dealing. The ultimate goal of(More)
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