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After their random -llocation to one of three treatment aroups, 622 volunteers received either vitamin C or placebo in a maintenance dose of 500 mg once weekly and a therapeutic dose of 1500 mg daily on the 1st day and 1000 mg on the next 4 days of any illness. Two forms of vitamin C were employed: a sustained-release capsule containing ascorbic acid and a(More)
BACKGROUND In the last decade, the number of Internet users worldwide has dramatically increased. People are using the Internet for various health-related purposes. It is important to monitor such use as it may have an impact on the individual's health and behavior, patient-practitioner roles, and on general health care provision. OBJECTIVES This study(More)
Morphinization of guinea pigs with s.c. implanted pellets (4 X 75 mg morphine base) has resulted in tolerance, within the isolated longitudinal muscle/myenteric plexus preparation, to the in vitro inhibitory effects of morphine on the electrically induced contractions, and in cross-tolerance to the inhibitory effects of ethanol. Similar results were(More)
We have shown that diazepam (ED50 2.4 microM), flunitrazepam (ED50 10.2 microM) and Ro5-4864 (ED50 5 microM) are able to enhance both total and specific [3H]phenytoin binding. Picrotoxin (IC50 1.43 microM) and chloride, either NaCl or KCl (IC50 42.4 microM) inhibit both the increase in total and specific binding of [3H]phenytoin, Ro15-1788 does not. The(More)
3H-Phenytoin binding to the particulate fraction of rat wholebrain homogenate was studied using the filter assay technique. It was found that diazepam and (+)bicuculline methobromide caused a concentration-dependent enhancement of the total binding of 3H-phenytoin, whereas GABA and (-)bicuculline methobromide (the inactive bicuculline isomer) had no effect.(More)
The purposes of this study were 1) to carefully define the anatomic distribution of the infrapatellar branches of the saphenous nerve, 2) to provide the surgeon with reliable parameters for where the nerve is most commonly encountered, and 3) to provide specific surgical recommendations to minimize the risk of nerve injury. To accomplish these goals, we(More)
It has been suggested that patients with Parkinson disease partially compensate for neuron loss by developing denervation supersensitivity, and, if so, that prolonged levodopa (L-dopa) therapy might lead to desensitization. As a preliminary test of this hypothesis, and in order to study whether it was possible to "resensitize" a patient who had already(More)
  • L Spero
  • 1978
The competition between atropine and a full agonist, carbachol, was tested on dibenamine-pretreated smooth muscle of rabbit stomach. Even after extensive irreversible blockade by dibenamine, atropine blockade of the response to carbachol was still competitive and the atropine affinity constant was unchanged. This differed from the noncompetitive action of(More)
  • L Spero
  • 1985
Competition between cold phenytoin and [3H]phenytoin binding was observed in normal human brain. Binding was observed in all areas examined. The highest number of sites was in the amygdala (a total of 717.71 fmol/mg protein) and the lowest in the Brodman area (BA) 4 of the motor cortex (153.91 fmol/mg protein) and cerebellar cortex (154.4 fmol/mg protein).(More)
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