Lawrence Scheitler

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BACKGROUND Hyperplastic granular gingivitis or "strawberry gingivitis" is a rare manifestation of Wegener's granulomatosis (WG), but it is nearly pathognomonic for this multisystem autoimmune vasculitis. The dentist may be the first health care professional to see patients with symptoms and findings of this condition. Early diagnosis and treatment is the(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to histologically determine the position of the periodontal probe tip when probing the deepest interradicular pocket depth in grade II and III facial molar furcation sites. Facial furcation pockets (5.8 mm +/- 1.3) were probed with a pressure-sensitive probe set at 50 g pressure. The probe tip was attached to the tooth(More)
This investigation was designed to determine the reproducibility of probing pocket depths in maxillary facial and mandibular facial and lingual grade II and III molar furcation sites. 80 untreated molar teeth with 102 furcation invasions due to periodontitis were probed with a pressure-sensitive periodontal probe by 3 examiners. 8 sites per furcation were(More)
Anticoagulation therapy is used to treat patients with a variety of hemostatic disorders in an attempt to prevent thrombus formation. A thorough understanding of the patient's medical history is essential before dental treatment that may require alteration of this anticoagulation therapy. Alteration of anticoagulation therapy should be undertaken only after(More)
Failure rates at second-stage surgery were reported for the ongoing Dental Implant Clinical Research Group studies of the Spectra-System (Core-Vent Corporation, Las Vegas, NV) implants. As of May 1995, 69 implants failed out of 2,633 placed and uncovered. The overall failure rate was 2.6%, with 3.6% in bone quality 1 (BQ-1), 2.4% in BQ-2, 2.5% in BQ-3, and(More)
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