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PURPOSE To analyze the effectiveness of a 6-month exercise protocol on shoulder pain experienced by wheelchair users during functional activities. SUBJECTS Forty-two wheelchair users, 35 males and seven females: average age of 35 years and an average duration of wheelchair use of 14 years. METHODS Subjects were randomly assigned to treatment (n=21) and(More)
The source and depth relationships of both isolated burns to the feet and pedal burns as part of multifocal thermal trauma are evaluated. Five years of cases at the University of Chicago Burn Center were selected at random and retrospectively reviewed. There were 33 isolated burns of the foot, with a source distribution of 70% scald, 9% grease, 9% hot(More)
A patient is described who had severe hidradenitis suppurativa of the perineum for three years. Excision of the involved area demonstrated a well-defined squamous cell carcinoma. A review of the literature shows only 12 reported cases of squamous cell carcinoma occurring in patients with hidradenitis suppurativa; most patients developing cancer in chronic(More)
In 1779, Felice Fontana, using a six-power hand-held magnifying lens, described what appeared to be spiral bands surrounding the peripheral nerve. He hypothesized that these bands were due to an optical illusion related to the underlying undulations of the individual nerve fibers, which he was the first to observe with an early microscope. The present study(More)
p6 experimental model has been designed to help study the acute effects of tobacco smoking on the cutaneous micro-circulation. Arterioles in the nude mouse ear are directly visualised by intravital microscopy and the blood flow is quantified. Arteriolar vasoconstriction and decreased blood flow are seen in response to smoking. The implications of(More)
Eighteen consecutive hypothermia patients were treated with rapid rewarming by immersion. Continous electrocardiographic monitoring, acid-base and central venous pressure measurements, vital signs, and fluid resuscitation with lactated Ringer's solution (tritrated to urine output) were employed as part of the therapeutic regimen. This regimen was associated(More)
Total reconstruction of the phallus is now technically feasible. The successful reestablishment of sexual function in these patients is possible using the neurosensory radial forearm flap. The innervated neophallus develops tactile and erogenous sensation within 4 to 6 months of neurorrhaphy. Unperceived chronic pressure with subsequent tissue ischemia is(More)
Walking track analysis is an investigative technique that allows a researcher to assess objectively the functional capacity of the limb in the rat sciatic nerve model. This study has shown that paint and paper is a better method for imaging the rat foot plantar surface than other methods described in the literature. The block printing paint has the distinct(More)