Lawrence S. Robbins

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The predominance of certain triggers for migraine was assessed in 494 migraine patients. Stress (62%) was the most frequently cited precipitant. Weather changes (43%), missing a meal (40%), and bright sunlight (38%) were also prominent factors. Sexual activity (5%) was the precipitant cited by the least number of patients. Significant differences were found(More)
Thirty male patients with cluster headache were given 4% lidocaine solution to use intranasally as an abortive therapy. Four sprays of lidocaine were used ipsilateral to the pain, and two more were used, if necessary. Twenty-seven percent of the men reported moderate relief, 27% obtained mild relief, and 46% stated that they had no relief from the(More)
Lymphocyte subsets from 5 groups of patients with different types of chronic headaches were analyzed by flow cytometry to determine the number of cells bearing the following markers: T11 (E-rosette receptor), T3 (total T cells), T4 (T-helper/inducer cells), T8 (T-cytotoxic/suppressor cells), B1 (B-cells), NKH-1 (Natural killer cells), I2 (Class II(More)
Embolic stroke complicating systemic lupus erythematosus has been infrequently reported. We examined a 25-year-old woman who suddenly became hemiplegic. Two-dimensional echocardiography identified a source of emboli. At cardiac surgery, friable thrombotic vegetations were found adhering to the mitral valve leaflets, left ventricular septal wall, and chordae(More)
Forty-six migraineurs and 69 age- and sex-matched controls referred for MRI scans of the brain were evaluated for the incidence of intracranial pathology. Axial long TR/short TE and long TR/long TE and sagittal short TR/short TE scans were performed in all patients. Enhancement with Gd-DTPA was performed in all controls and in nine migraineurs. Six of 46(More)
Among fifty-three Salt Lake City, Utah area pigeon fanciers, 21% were found to have the clinical picture of pigeon breeders' disease. This is a much higher frequency than has been observed previously. Abnormal spirometry and increased skin reactivity to pigeon sera were found more often, statistically significantly, in symptomatic than in exposed(More)
In a recent Opinion Editorial posted on the Listserv of the Southern Headache Society (, Dr. Lawrence Robbins of the Robbins Headache Clinic, Northbrook, Illinois, explored how headaches resulting from trauma are sometimes difficult to treat and often remain refractory. Most neurologists likely encounter young athletes who(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the safety of frequent triptan use over extended periods. For a small group of patients with refractory migraine plus chronic daily headache, triptans are effective. METHODS This retrospective study primarily evaluated the cardiac safety of daily triptan use in 118 patients and, in addition, hematologic tests were assessed. Each(More)