Lawrence S Lau

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The computed tomographic (CT) findings in six cases of subdural hemorrhage in the peritentorial region are listed and discussed. The CT appearance of peritentorial subdural hemorrhage sometimes mimicks that of intra-axial lesions, but coronal scanning or reconstruction can be used to resolve this problem. Awareness of this unusual location for subdural(More)
A nonopaque methyl methacrylate mass that had the appearance of an abscess in a postoperative CT scan of the spine is described. Contained gas produced an attentuation range of +20 to -300 HU, with an average of -80 to -250 HU. This finding was confirmed by CT examination of a separate cement mass removed from a similar patient.
BACKGROUND Red blood cells (RBC) undergo many changes during storage. Such changes are associated with reduced oxygen-carrying capacity and transfusion-related inflammatory reactions. The clinical significance of these changes in the cardiac surgical setting is unclear. This observational cohort study investigates the association between age of transfused(More)
The Sun Valley Group is an informal assembly of individuals interested in improving quality in radiology. Its first meeting was held in September 2005. The purposes of the meeting was to share quality improvement experiences, consider a strategy for promoting quality improvement initiatives across the radiology profession, and initiate quality benchmarking(More)
Lumbar facet joint (LFJ) pain is a common cause of low back pain. Thirty-four consecutive patients with a clinical diagnosis of LFJ pain received injections of a local anaesthetic agent and a long-acting corticosteroid agent under radiological control. Nineteen patients experienced immediate lessening of their pain after the injection of local anaesthetic(More)