Lawrence Ramsden

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An outline is given for a field kit aiming to substantially increase the in situ knowledge gleaned from feeding studies of primates. Measurements are made of colouration (spectrum of non-specular reflection) and many mechanical, chemical and spatial properties of primate foods.
Changes in carbon flow and sink/source activities can affect floral, architectural, and reproductive traits of plants. In potato, overexpression (OE) of the purple acid phosphatase 2 of Arabidopsis (AtPAP2) resulted in earlier flowering, faster growth rate, increased tubers and tuber starch content, and higher photosynthesis rate. There was a significant(More)
Bauhinia blakeana (Leguminosae subfam. Caesalpinioideae tribe Cercideae), or the Hong Kong Orchid Tree, is of great horticultural value. It is completely sterile and is shown here to be the result of hybridization between the largely sympatric species, B. purpurea and B. variegata. Although the analysis of patterns of morphological variation revealed only a(More)
Figs are keystone resources that sustain chimpanzees when preferred fruits are scarce. Many figs retain a green(ish) colour throughout development, a pattern that causes chimpanzees to evaluate edibility on the basis of achromatic accessory cues. Such behaviour is conspicuous because it entails a succession of discrete sensory assessments, including the(More)
The floral phenology, pollination ecology and breeding systems of two sympatric early-divergent angiosperms, Goniothalamus tapisoides and G. suaveolens (Annonaceae) are compared. The flowers are protogynous and morphologically similar, with anthesis over 23-25 h. Both species are predominantly xenogamous and pollinated by small beetles: G. tapisoides mainly(More)
Three starches (maize, rice and wheat), and the two non-starch polysaccharides xanthan and locust bean gum galactomannan (LBG) were examined in gel and dough systems for texture and stability properties during freezing and low temperature storage. Xanthan and LBG were found to confer increased resistance to freeze/thaw cycling on rice starch gels but the(More)
The functional properties and enzymatic digestibility of cationic and cross-linked cationic ae, wx, and normal maize starches were studied. Cationization reduced the endothermic transition temperatures (T(o), T(p), and T(c)), however, it increased peak viscosity, swelling power, solubility, clarity, and digestibility of all the starches compared to the(More)
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