Lawrence R. Sutton

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The authors found that the course and treatment of narcotic withdrawal in two neonates was complicated by prenatal exposure to high doses of diazepam, or Valium (Roche Laboratories, Nutley, NJ). Both of the mothers were on methadone maintenance for narcotic dependency prior to the diagnosis of pregnancy. The authors documented maternal intake of diazepam in(More)
This study examined the self-reported presence and severity of abuse, neglect, and depressive symptoms for 43 adolescents adjudicated delinquent due to a sexual offense. Twenty-seven of the adolescent sexual offenders were also diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, and 16 did not carry an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. Both groups reported(More)
This paper focuses on the psychological make-up or profile of the first time "apprehended" Driving Under the Influence offenders from the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The profiles are compiled using a variety of psychological tests assessing issues of: Alcohol Dependence, Major Depression, Personality deviance, alcohol induced Organicity and severe(More)
The purposes of this study included the examination of the relative accuracy of a number of evidential breath analyzers available in the United States, the sensitivity of ethanol breath analyzers to simulated breath acetone and the generation and subsequent interference created by endogenous acetone. This study used both laboratory simulation and human(More)
When the system of self is explored in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), it is important to measure it via both their own perceptions of the self and their understanding of others' perceptions on themselves at a multidimensional level. This paper reviews existing research in this area using a three-dimension approach. Researchers have found(More)