Lawrence Pinsky

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A family with adult-onset amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and dementia is described. The father presented with lower motor neurone disease affecting the legs. A son presented with bulbar paralysis. Neither developed dementia. A daughter presented with spastic right lower limb weakness. Two years later, she developed a rapidly progressive mental(More)
Objective of our research was to explore capabilities of Timepix for its use as a single dosemeter and LET spectrometer in mixed radiation fields created by heavy ions. We exposed it to radiation field (i) at heavy ion beams at HIMAC, Chiba, Japan, (ii) in the CERN's high-energy reference field (CERF) facility at Geneva, France/Switzerland, (iii) in the(More)
Acknowledgements First and foremost I want to thank God and my lord and savior Jesus Christ. A great mantra that I've learned in church, from our pastor, Bob Mosely, is 'no one is perfect, everyone is welcome, anything is possible'. I firmly believe in this and have seen this continuously. I cannot express enough appreciation for my advisor, Ed Hungerford.(More)
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