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Potential carcinogenicity of some transition metal ions was tested using a direct-current polarography method. The measurements were based on the reduction of tested compounds in an anhydrous solution using α-lipoic acid as the detection compound. The potential carcinogenicity was expressed in terms of the parameter tg α, which is known to directly(More)
Examination of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fingerlings with a total length of between 5 and 6 cm, revealed the presence of small cysts on the fins. Cyst – like structures were visible to the naked eye on the dorsal and anal fin and measured 1 – 2 mm in diameter. The cysts were very firm, pigmented and integrated between the fin rays. Cysts measured from(More)
From the roots of STREMPELIOPSIS STREMPELIOIDES K. Schum. (Apocynaceae), the following alkaloids were isolated: (+)-pleiocarpamine, (-)-aspidospermine, (+)-eburnamonine, (+)-tubotaiwine, (+)-haplocidine, (-)-vallesamidine, (+)-tubotaiwine N-oxide, (-)-strempeliopine ( 1A) and a bisindolic base (+)-strempeliopidine ( 2). Another bisindole alkaloid of(More)
To improve throughput during peak seasonal demand, a screening method for the determination of fertilizer-available phosphate using a discrete analyzer for semi-automation was validated in a single laboratory. The fertilizer materials were extracted using a neutral EDTA-ammonium citrate solution as detailed in AOAC Official Method 993.31. Phosphate was(More)
Several fluorosulfonylbenzoyl /FSB/ purine and pyrimidine nucleoside analogs of the clinically useful antimetabolites which belong to endo affinity labeling compounds were synthetized. Structures were confirmed by both 1H NMR and UV spectroscopy and by elemental analysis. Procedure for preparation of microamount of [3H] FSB-araC was developed. Bonding of(More)
AOAC Official Method 942.05, Ash in Animal Feed, has been applied in feed laboratories since its publication in the Official Methods of Analysis in 1942. It is a routine test with renewed interest due to the incorporation of "ash values" into modern equations for the estimation of energy content of dairy feed, beef feed, and pet food. As with other(More)
Scintillator-based X-ray imaging is a powerful technique for noninvasive realspace microscopic structural investigation such as synchrotron-based computed tomography. The resolution of an optical image formed by scintillation emission is fundamentally diffraction limited. To overcome this limit, stimulated scintillation emission depletion (SSED) X-ray(More)
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