Lawrence Neeley

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We have built and tested WorkspaceNavigator, which supports knowledge capture and reuse for teams engaged in unstructured, dispersed, and prolonged collaborative design activity in a dedicated physical workspace. It provides a coherent unified interface for post-facto retrieval of multiple streams of data from the work environment, including overview(More)
PREGNANCY was tentatively diagnosed in a 2 y2 -year-old nulliparous Bongo antelope (Boocerus eurycerus) on Feb. 4, 1972, and she was separated from the herd on Feb. 26, 1972. Mammary gland development and vulvar swelling was noticed in early March and the position of the fetus was cranioventral in the abdomen. Signs of labor and impending parturition(More)
High performance engineering design teams are composed of autonomous learners, who must independently identify and pursue their learning goals and content. The nature of design activity requires them to act that way; designing is, by definition, context dependent and open-ended. Design activity rarely revolves around a specific body of information or(More)
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