Lawrence Markosian

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We describe an approach to software analysis and test generation that combines several technologies: object-oriented databases and parsers for capturing and representing software; pattern languages for writing program templates and querying and analyzing a database of software; and transformation rules for automatically generating test cases based on the(More)
—Model checking is a verification technique developed in the 1980s that has a history of industrial application in hardware verification and verification of communications protocol specifications. Program model checking is a technique for model checking software in which the program itself is the model to be checked. Program model checking has shown(More)
Safety cases and, specifically, <i>software</i> safety cases, have had virtually no presence in engineering practice in the US. Recent interest, in addition to an early attempt to introduce them into practice in the NASA Constellation Program, motivated us to develop a partial safety case for a safety critical subsystem for the Ares I vehicle, namely the(More)
We present an ongoing effort of the NASA Software Engineering Initiative to encourage the use of advanced software engineering technology on NASA projects. Technology infusion is in general a difficult process yet this effort seems to have found a modest approach that is successful for some types of technologies. We outline the process and describe the(More)