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The message flow modulator is a formally specified and proved filter program that is applied continuously to a stream of messages flowing from one computer system to another. Messages that pass the filter are passed to their destination. Messages that do not are logged on an audit trail. The modulator has been designed specifically to monitor the flow of(More)
The MK++ kernel, a descendant of Mach, was designed and implemented at the Open Group Research Institute. Independently , Computational Logic had developed a formal specification for the Mach kernel interface. We report on the adaptation of this specification to MK++, and its use in the derivation of a testing strategy for the MK++ implementation. The(More)
This paper presents a mechanism which a software development environment may use to help maintain consistency among the various parts of a developing or evolving software system. Our view of the development process considers that 1) the program is represented as a collection of structured objects in a database and 2) the program development environment(More)
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