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The unusually high frequency of misincorporation by HIV-1 reverse transcriptase (HIV RT) is likely to be the major factor in the rapid accumulation of viral mutations in AIDS, especially in the env gene. To investigate the ability of HIV RT to copy the env gene, we subcloned an HIV env gene fragment into a single-stranded DNA vector and measured the(More)
This paper describes a predictable relation between our manic-depressive patients' blood lithium levels and particular changes in their conscious and unconscious mental processes (i.e., their thoughts, wishes, fantasies, inclinations, and feelings). These changes were, in turn, predictively related to specific changes in these patients' overt manic(More)
  • L R Loeb
  • 1992
This paper touches on two issues that have been disputed by child analysts: the genesis of the transsexual symptom complex, and the question of transference neurosis in child analysis. My observation, as reported previously (Loeb and Shane, 1980) and shown in the present case, is that the transsexual symptom complex can develop out of intrapsychic conflict(More)
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