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The information tool to aid us in making the clinical decisions discussed in this presentation is called the PKC. Our goal with patients should be to couple the knowledge of the unique patient to the knowledge in the literature and get the best possible match. This approach requires combinatorial versus probabilistic thinking. In the real world, ideal(More)
  • L L Weed
  • 1999
It is widely recognised that accessing and processing medical information in libraries and patient records is a burden beyond the capacities of the physician's unaided mind in the conditions of medical practice. Physicians are quite capable of tremendous intellectual feats but cannot possibly do it all. The way ahead requires the development of a framework(More)
  • L L Weed
  • 1986
Medical education and the acquisition of professional credentials do not guarantee that medical knowledge (information that is taught, apart from the reality of practice, or gleaned from the literature) will be coupled rigorously to the decision-making process of everyday clinical practice. The limitations of the unaided human mind in a memory-based(More)