Lawrence Krebs

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The floristic biodiversity in alluvial meadows is determined by hydrous fluctuations and agricultural practices. The hydrous variations influence the floristic composition through: the duration of floodings in the non-growing period which acts principally on vegetative multiplication of a few species; and the summer level of the groundwater table which(More)
Groundwater ionic profiles, with particular regard to bioavailable nutrient (N, P, and K) levels, were studied in a flooding alluvial grassland of the river Meuse. The observed variations were related to different groundwater levels and hydrological events (rises in groundwater), the vegetation types and the human practices (cutting, ploughing). A network(More)
The thermal destruction of benzene in methane/air flue gas is studied experimentally using an atmospheric laminar flow reactor in laboratory scale. The reactor is operated at four different fuel equivalent ratios (phi = 0.06, 0.1,0.5, 3.7), and temperatures in the range from 850 to 973 K and realises a residence time of 5 s. Stable-species concentrations(More)
Ambu Twin Pump 1000 is a suction pump designed for pharyngeal and tracheal suction in emergency situations. The pump can be operated by foot or by hand. The object of this test was to evaluate the applicability of the pump in performing legal abortion (before 13th. week), suction curettage and vacuum extraction, in places where electricity is not available;(More)
Militaq (i.e., DSCS) and Commercial (i.e., CSCI) Satellite Communications plays a significant role in providing bandwidth and connectivity for the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN), which is part of the larger Defense Information Infrastructure (DII). However, in the past, this bandwidth and connectivity has generally been provisioned as dedicated,(More)
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