Lawrence K. Spitz

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In a study of the relation between cumulative exposure to mercury and chronic health impairment 298 dentists had their mercury levels measured by an X-ray fluorescence technique. Electrodiagnostic and neuropsychological findings in the dentists with more than 20 micrograms/g tissue mercury levels were compared with those of a control group consisting of(More)
Two cases of hypocalcaemia following removal of the stomach due to complications of surgery for tracheo-oesophageal anomalies are reported. In both instances grand mal seizures were the presenting features with radiological and biochemical evidence of rickets. Both children had elevated blood parathyroid hormone levels. The bone changes, hypocalcemia and(More)
This retrospective study compared the frequency of electrodiagnostically confirmed cervical and lumbar radiculopathies in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) population to that of a non-MVA population in 24,651 consecutive initial electrodiagnostic reports. The frequency of cervical radiculopathy was slightly but significantly increased in 8% of the MVA compared(More)
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