Lawrence JK Wee

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The identification of B-cell epitopes on antigens has been a subject of intense research as the knowledge of these markers has great implications for the development of peptide-based diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. As experimental approaches are often laborious and time consuming, in silico methods for prediction of these immunogenic regions are(More)
Caspases belong to a class of cysteine proteases which function as critical effectors in cellular processes such as apoptosis and inflammation by cleaving substrates immediately after unique tetrapeptide sites. With hundreds of reported substrates and many more expected to be discovered, the elucidation of the caspase degradome will be an important(More)
Granzyme B is a serine protease which cleaves at unique tetrapeptide sequences. It is involved in several signaling cross-talks with caspases and functions as a pivotal mediator in a broad range of cellular processes such as apoptosis and inflammation. The granzyme B degradome constitutes proteins from a myriad of functional classes with many more expected(More)
Calpains belong to a family of calcium-dependent cysteine proteases which are implicated in a myriad of pathologies such as cancer and neurodegeneration. Despite extensive experimental studies on these proteases, our knowledge of the calpain degradome is still limited. Using a dataset of 341 unique, experimentally verified calpain cleavage sites, we(More)
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