Lawrence J. Schmitt

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The potential of Genetic Algorithmic (GA) approaches for solving order-based problems including the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is recognized in a number of recent studies. By applying various GAs, these studies developed a set of unresolved GA design and configuration issues. The purpose of this study is to resolve the conflicting GA design and(More)
A survey of methods that have been used to solve the vehicle routing problem (VRP) and the time constrained vehicle routing problem (VRPTC) is reviewed in this paper. Emphasis is placed on heuristics that may be combined with genetic algorithms (GA) in order to improve the quality or efficiency of the solution. Artificial intelligence (AI) search heuristic(More)
This paper outlines the design and development of an interactive virtual laboratory toolset, TelcSim, designed to enhance students’ learning of basic telecommunication principles. This study establishes the increasing demand for technically competent IT professionals throughout this decade. Next, the mix, motivation, and background of students entering the(More)
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