Lawrence J. Risman

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Let K be a field. Let 8 be an element of a field extension of K. The order of 8 over K is the smallest positive integer m such that ff" lies in K, or oo. We compare the order m of 8 to the degree h of 8 over K. Clearly h < m. Theorem. Let K be afield. Let 8 be an element of degree h and order m over K. Let p be a prime. Let p' be the maximum power of p(More)
to express a model as a matrix and to collect and handle data. An experimental interactive system called LPMODEL simpl$es the development of linear programming models. It frees the user from the necessity of expressing the model as a matrix. LPMODEL provides a nonprocedural language for constructing a model in terminology that is natural to the problem,(More)
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