Lawrence J. Chang

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Contamination of groundwater by petroleum-hydrocarbons is a serious environmental problem. The Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) approach is a passive remediation to degrade and dissipate groundwater contaminants in situ. In this study, a full-scale natural bioremediation investigation was conducted at a gasoline spill site. Results show that(More)
Numerical simulations of pulsatile flow in coronary arteries which take into account the curvature associated with the bending of arteries over the surface of the heart are presented for resting, excited and drug induced states. The study was motivated by reported observations of atherosclerotic plaque localization on the inner curvature of coronary(More)
Introduction Embedded DSP (digital signal processing) applications are typically implemented using fixed point arithmetic; in hardware to reduce area requirements and increase throughput, but also in software since most embedded processors do not provide floating point arithmetic. Consequently, the developer is confronted with the difficult task of deciding(More)
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