Lawrence I. Goldman

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Simulation and optimization techniques can provide Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) practitioners with reduced reliance on physical prototypes, rapid time-to-market, minimal defects and post-design rework. These advantages lead to quantifiable benefits within the product development life-cycle, in terms of time and cost. Through one case study, this paper will(More)
In today's competitive market, businesses are adopting new practices like Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), a customer driven, structured methodology for faster-to-market, higher quality, and less costly new products and services. Monte Carlo simulation and stochastic optimization can help DFSS practitioners understand the variation inherent in a new technology,(More)
Discrimination learning and concept formation abilities were investigated in four mature Arabian horses. A series of two-choice discrimination problems were presented on stimulus panels that could open to allow access to food bowls. Selection of the correct stimulus resulted in food reinforcement, and an incorrect choice was not rewarded. The positions of(More)
The primary focus of Monte Carlo simulation is to identify and quantify risk related to uncertainty and variability in spreadsheet model inputs. The stress of Monte Carlo simulation often reveals logical errors in the underlying spreadsheet that might be overlooked during day-today use or traditional " what if " testing. This secondary benefit of simulation(More)
In an increasingly competitive market, businesses are turning to new practices like Six Sigma, a structured methodology for accelerated process improvement, to help reduce costs and increase efficiency. Monte Carlo simulation can help Six Sigma practitioners understand the variation inherent in a process or product, and in turn, can be used to identify and(More)
Crystal Ball® 2000 Professional Edition is a suite of easy-to-use Microsoft® Excel® add-in software that helps you analyze the risks and uncertainties associated with your spreadsheet models. The suite includes analysis tools for Monte Carlo simulation (Crystal Ball), time-series forecasting (CB Predictor), and optimization (OptQuest) as well(More)
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