Lawrence H. Miller

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We find Wr(a+b-) erythrocytes of donor M. Fr., which appear to carry a rare glycophorin A variant, to be fully susceptible to invasion by nine isolates of Plasmodium falciparum. Thus we fail to confirm the previous publication on the refractoriness of these erythrocytes. In addition the serum of donor M. Fr., which is known to contain anti-Wrb directed(More)
The performance of users in man-machine interaction (MMI) is described in terms of a number of user- and machine-oriented parameters. The general linear model for experimental design is used as a model of the interaction. Performance measures are selected and a questionnaire developed to gauge user attitudes toward the man-machine system (MMS) and its(More)
• " Standard " satellite bus hardware/software architecture – Limiting factors: Weight power radiation Limiting factors: Weight, power, radiation – Key characteristics: " Inappropriate " complexity! – Survivability – Bus|payload firewall – Reminder: Terrestrial state of the art – Limitations • Distributed satellite bus hardware/software architecture(More)
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