Lawrence H Berman

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A 20-year retrospective study was made of children with congenital posterolateral (Bochdalek) hernias presenting more than 8 weeks after birth. The records of 26 patients (16 boys and 10 girls) were evaluated. Sixteen infants and children (62%) were originally misdiagnosed clinically and radiologically as having either infective lung changes, congenital(More)
Objective: Neck masses are common in children. Although there is a low incidence of therapeutically significant pathology, biopsy is occasionally required for evaluation. Open biopsy or fine needle aspiration may be used to obtain tissue. Open biopsy provides material suitable for histological analysis but requires general anaesthesia. Cytological material(More)
In 21 consecutive patients, the authors analyzed changes in venous Doppler waveforms of damped or diminished cardiac pulsatility and respiratory phasicity. Each patient was suspected of having upper limb venous thrombosis, but thrombus was not visible at gray-scale ultrasonography (US) in the subclavian and brachiocephalic veins. US findings were compared(More)
Ultrasound has become a routine investigation in the investigation of the painful hip in children. It has been recommended that all effusions demonstrated by sonography be drained. Based on the experience of 800 hip aspirations, the authors describe an approach to the demonstration and aspiration of hip effusions with some of the pitfalls that result in(More)
A protocol for the management of irritable hip was assessed; this protocol avoids hospital admission while detecting all other serious causes of hip pain, in particular septic arthritis, at the earliest possible opportunity. Fifty children with painful hips were studied prospectively with immediate ultrasound guided aspiration and Gram stain of all hip(More)
Data concerning 15 infants and children with late-presenting (more than 8 weeks) Morgagni hernias over the last 20 years (1966 to 1986) have been reviewed. Ten of the cases were clinically normal on presentation, and the most common symptoms and signs were gastrointestinal and respiratory. Only one child presented with acute symptoms. Five had previously(More)
Twenty-six patients with Bochdalek hernias and 15 with Morgagni hernias were evaluated in a survey of children presenting over the age of 8 weeks during a 20 year period. Ten of the children had previously normal chest radiographs. Radiological assessment at presentation was incorrect with 15 Bochdalek and two Morgagni hernias. These errors were more common(More)
We report our experience in the out-patient triage of 100 patients presenting with a lump in the neck. The out-patient visit consisted of a general history and examination, assessment of the upper air and food passages and, where indicated, ultrasound and core needle biopsy of the lump. Other investigations were performed as appropriate. One hundred neck(More)
PURPOSE To detect the intrinsic blood supply of the unossified neonatal femoral head in vivo by using power Doppler ultrasound (US) and to ascertain whether a reduction in blood flow could be demonstrated with hip abduction. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hip of 13 neonates was examined with power Doppler sonography. After vessels within the femoral head were(More)
Histological analysis of an abnormal neck mass has traditionally required an excision biopsy under general anaesthetic. We evaluated the safety and accuracy of a new spring loaded cutting-needle for obtaining tissues cores of neck masses under ultrasound (US) guidance. Sixty biopsies were performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia in 52(More)