Lawrence G Piper

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We investigate the feasibility and perform an analysis of diode pumping organic dye lasers. From a number of candidate laser dyes operating in the visible (red) to near-infrared spectrum, we select two dyes that appear most suited for pumpingby commercially available diode lasers. Detailed characterization of these two dyes provides critical laser(More)
Spark-induced breakdown spectroscopy (SIBS) is a recently developed atomic-fluorescene-based analytical technique that is analogous to laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. SIBS, however, uses an electrical plasma generation method on nonconductive samples instead of a focused laser beam. Here we describe the basic characteristics of SIBS and its(More)
Generation of singlet oxygen metastables, O2(a∆), in an electric discharge plasma offers the potential for development of compact electric oxygen-iodine laser (EOIL) systems using a recyclable, all-gas-phase medium. The primary technical challenge for this concept is to develop a high-power, scalable electric discharge configuration that can produce high(More)
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