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Rat glial tumors, induced by injections of N-nitrosomethylurea, were plated and propagated in culture. Among a few cell strains obtained, one clone contains S-100 protein, which is unique to brain in vertebrates. Stationary-phase cultures contain approximately ten times more S-100 protein per cell than exponentially growing cells. When injected into newborn(More)
Human alpha and beta transforming growth factors (TGF-alpha and TGF-beta) stimulated the production of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) and bone resorption in neonatal mouse calvaria in organ culture. Significant stimulation of bone resorption by TGF-alpha was observed with a concentration of 0.2 ng/ml (35 pM) and by TGF-beta with 0.2 ng/ml (8.0 pM). Enhanced(More)
Dietary marine lipids markedly reduce the severity of glomerulonephritis and its associated mortality in inbred strains of mice developing autoimmune disease, a model for human systemic lupus erythematosus. We report here the influence of varying the dose of menhaden oil and the timing of its administration on the mortality of female (NZB x NZW) F1 mice.(More)
Several of the cyclooxygenase products of arachidonic acid were measured in the cerebral hemispheres of gerbils subjected to transient interruption of the cerebral circulation. The levels of PGD2, PGF2 alpha, PGE2, TXB2, 13, 14-H2-15-keto-PGE2, and the stable nonenzymic product of prostacyclin, 6-keto-PGF1 alpha, were not altered at the end of a 5-min(More)
Eicosanoids may participate in colon carcinogenesis, as evidenced from work in animal tumor models showing prevention of colon cancer by inhibitors of their synthesis and epidemiologic studies demonstrating reduced risk of colon cancer in long-term users of aspirin and other nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). The levels of prostaglandin E2(More)
In 38 adriamycin experiments and 4 daunorubicin experiments, radioimmunoassay readily and reproducibly detects and estimates these drugs and immunologically similar metabolites in patients' plasma and urine to at least 120 hr after dosing without interference by concurrent medication. The plasma drug decay follows first-order kinetics in a triphasic(More)