Lawrence E. Feinberg

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BACKGROUND Even when primary care physicians have face-to-face discussions with patients before referring them for screening colonoscopy, patient nonadherence can be substantial. Often, primary care physicians lack sufficient time to educate patients and address their potential misconceptions and fears about this procedure. OBJECTIVE To test whether an(More)
BACKGROUND The value of the history and physical examination in diagnosing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is uncertain. This study was undertaken to determine the best clinical predictors of COPD and to define the incremental changes in the ability to diagnose COPD that occur when the physical examination findings and then the peak flowmeter(More)
Clinical and experimental evidence has suggested that the use of cimetidine might be harmful to patients with acute pancreatitis. We conducted a randomized study comparing cimetidine to nasogastric (NG) suction in 95 patients with 103 episodes of mild to moderately severe, acute or relapsing pancreatitis (86.4% alcohol related). The groups were comparable(More)
To assess the prevalence of physical disorders among outpatients treated in Colorado's public mental health system, a total of 175 patients from two community mental health centers received a comprehensive medical screening that included a standard physical examination and laboratory analyses. Of these patients, 46 percent had physical conditions or(More)
Antigens of the hepatitis B virus have been localized within liver tissue by various immunologic, histochemical, and electron microscopic methods. The abundance and distribution of these virus antigens are in part determined by the host immune response. This interaction of immune mechanisms with the hepatitis B virus may be related to the pathogenesis and(More)
OBJECTIVE We measured the ability of the medical history, physical examination, and peak flowmeter in diagnosing any degree of obstructive airways disease (OAD). DESIGN Prospective comparison of historical and physical findings with independently measured spirometry. SETTING University outpatient clinic. PATIENTS Ninety-two adult consecutive(More)
To assess changes in disease on an internal medicine teaching service, the records of 292 patients admitted to University Hospital, Denver, Colorado, in the academic years 1961-1962 or 1981-1982 were reviewed. It was hypothesized that patients admitted more recently would be older, more chronically and catastrophically ill, and more likely to have multiple(More)
BACKGROUND Routine laboratory screening at preventive health exams continues to be a common practice despite expert opinion dating back to 1979 that supports only a few screening tests for apparently healthy adults. This report describes trends in such testing over a 27-year period. METHODS Primary care physicians were surveyed five times between 1978 and(More)
Patients with symptomatic duodenal ulcer can be effectively treated with antacids or cimetidine. Many patients with a first episode or an occasional flare-up of ulcer disease should be treated with antacids. Cimetidine should be added if the response is unsatisfactory. Cimetidine should be used initially in patients with severe ulcer diathesis and in those(More)